West Salem Youth Basketball (WSYB) holds their annual Winter Season Tryouts mid-October for interested boys and girls in grades 6th, 7th, and 8th.  Tryouts themselves are ran in cooperation with West Salem High School coaching staff with WSYB volunteers assisting as needed.  Teams will be formed by skill level with an “A” level team and possibly one or more “B” level teams for each grade.  Our goal is to keep as many kids in the program as we can while keeping in mind coaching availability, gym space, and teams’ ability to competitively compete at the tournament level.  We will not field more than 10 players to a team unless special circumstances apply.

Following the final night of Tryouts (typically a Thursday evening) WSYB coaches and board will meet to finalize team formation with the goal of announcing Winter Teams by 5:00pm the following day.  We understand that youth and their families are excited to find out what team they will be playing on and so we do our best to communicate results as quickly and accurately as we can.

While not common, WSYB can determine on a case-by-case basis to move a young player into an older age group (for example, a 5th grader playing on a 6th grade team).  Circumstances that may determine this decision might be the need for more players on an older team or a younger player that is able to competitively compete (as determined by coaches) in an older age bracket.  In general, we find that kids playing at their own grade leads to a stronger team concept.

Our primary goal is to develop future West Salem Titans which means our target audience is Straub and Walker Middle School students who want to develop as competitive basketball players that represent West Salem.  This means that priority will be given to students that attend a West Salem school.  From time to time circumstances allow for players outside of the West Salem geography to play, the most common ones being a team that does not meet the 10 player cap or a student whose family is seriously considering transferring to West Salem.