WSYB 2020-2021 Season Update

As We Look Ahead to the 2020-21 Season….
West Salem Youth Basketball community.  Thanks for being a part of what we consider to be a vital piece to the growth and development of young athletes in our community, namely those playing competitive basketball.  Like you, we at WSYB have done our best to “wait and watch” to see how we can best incorporate participation in basketball in a way that fits into the bigger picture of community health.  We know that youth sports is about more than simply sports.  It is a vital part of our community fabric that fosters character and skill development, mentoring, team dynamics, and critical support in shaping healthy, balanced youth.  We appreciate the questions we’ve received about whether or not we’ll be having a season and/or what will it look like.
At this point, we’re being optimistic about the possibility of some type of winter basketball season, however, we simply can’t guarantee at this point.  We’re doing our best to proceed with creativity, flexibility, and safety as we look into tentative plans for clinics, modified tryouts and evaluations, and some type of modified plan for practices and games.
For now we’d like to ask you to simply be on “stand by” as we look into a whole range of new, unexplored possibilities.  Please continue to check our website ( and Facebook page ( in September as schools re-open.  And as always, please feel free to send questions our way.
Best regards,
WSYB Board

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